How to secure your router and home network

Not all router security issues can be fixed by users, but there are many actions that can be taken to protect them from attacks Many computer users don't realise it, but for most people their internet router is the most important electronic device in their home. It links most of their other devices together [...]

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Four easy ways to help avoid being hacked

Your entire life is on your phone. Everyone you know, all your pictures, all your banking details. Everything. It’s an indispensable item, a technological marvel, and something that’s arguably reshaped the world, the smartphone is seldom far from our reach. But with all of the positives that smartphones bring to our lives, it’s worth [...]

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What Windows users need to know about the latest ‘ShadowBrokers’ exploits

Staying informed is the best way to prevent getting hacked. A group calling themselves "ShadowBrokers" has been leaking files it claims to have found when it hacked into NSA computers. Many of the leaks are concerning, but the latest exploits for Windows have many folks wondering how it affects them and their computers. We're [...]

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Centrelink website flaw leaves users vulnerable

Phishing attacks made easy as reported by iTnews A security vulnerability in Centrelink’s online system put users at greater risk of having their credentials stolen through phishing attacks. Freelance web application specialist Eric John Hurley discovered the flaw when using the service earlier this month, iTnews can reveal. After logging out of the Centrelink [...]

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Scam Warning Don’t Become a Victim

PHOTO: © / We are getting used to seeing those pop-up windows appearing whenever we click on an article on the internet but now the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is warning some are viruses or will cause nasty tech problems. They are known as remote access scams and are used to get unsuspecting victims to call [...]

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Apple’s iOS 10.3 update could result in you losing all of your data if you do not perform a back up

IF you have sentimental attachment to the data on your iPhone, you will want to perform a backup before upgrading to Apple’s latest iOS update later this month. While iOS 10.3 promises to deliver a host of new updates, one component could devastate users who do not back up data and files to Apple’s [...]

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Gumtree: String of violent robberies targeting people selling mobile phones has sparked a police investigation

A STRING of violent robberies in western Sydney targeting people selling mobile phones on Gumtree has sparked a police strike force investigation. Since December last year, officers have been investigating a spate of robberies involving people trying to sell their smartphones on the online marketplace Gumtree. When the seller arrives at a predetermined location [...]

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