Four easy ways to help avoid being hacked

Your entire life is on your phone. Everyone you know, all your pictures, all your banking details. Everything. It’s an indispensable item, a technological marvel, and something that’s arguably reshaped the world, the smartphone is seldom far from our reach. But with all of the positives that smartphones bring to our lives, it’s worth [...]

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TPG to deploy $2bn mobile network

A new rival to Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. TPG is set to become Australia’s fourth mobile network operator with a $2 billion investment to cover 80 percent of Australia’s population. The telco paid $1.26 billion - well over the reserve price - for 20 MHz of digital dividend spectrum at an auction held by the [...]

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Study shows more than one third of Australians have no interest in the NBN

AS MANY Australians eagerly await for their residential area to be switched on to the National Broadband Network (NBN) for a chance at better internet, new research shows a big divide among Aussies when it comes to the project. It’s one of the biggest infrastructure programs in our nation’s history but evidently not everyone [...]

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