Album Memories


For an extra AU$90.00 you can have

  • 3 minute 18 seconds duration
  • 43 placeholders for photo or video

This would be great to showcase your photo’s and would make a great gift idea for Christmas.

All our templates are 100% customisable to suit your needs, so call us today to find out how easy and affordable it really is.

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On old paper sheets you can hardly see shapes and silhouettes that are so familiar to you, just as we keep past events in our memory. Then pictures appear. They come to the surface just as events of our past life emerge in our memory. “Album Memories” will help you to experience the warmest feelings again and to keep pictures that are dear to your heart in video format. You can dedicate “Album Memories” to various events, for example, anniversary, birthdays, wedding-day, party, and even the loss of the dear ones.

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