Template FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the common questions and the their respective answers, as always if you cant find the answer to your question below, please contact us to discuss your query.

The stated cost of customisation would include, changing any text and image or video as per the existing template and it’s stated duration,  to those supplied by you.

Customisation cost does not include any graphic manipulation, graphic design, video editing, audio creation or purchase and any extension of template duration would also incur further cost. Any activity deemed to increase the time needed to produce the finished product could incur further cost.

For clarification of final cost of customisation please consult with us prior to committing to this service.

Short answer, no! Sadly using your favourite Justin Bieber song not only constitutes bad taste but is also in breach of copyright laws. To understand how copyright laws effect music here in Australia you can read this article: Music Rights Australia . However if your video really needs to have your favourite song then you can obtain a licence to use it, at a cost of course. Never fear there is royalty free playing in the air, yep, there is a growing market for free music that can be used with your videos that is just as pleasurable as Justin Bieber.

The procedure to get your template is fairly straight forward;

  • You choose template
  • Contact us
  • You supply images/video
  • Supply text where needed
  • View & accept changes
  • Pay for template
  • You download finished files
  • Share, Share, Share!


It’s your template so you can use it as often as you like, once you own the template you can have it customised as often as you like.

Yes, the price shown on template includes both the template file, any inclusions listed and customisation. The initial price doesn’t include any image alterations or video editing or extending production, these will incur further fees.

Not all templates include music, please check additional information on each post to ascertain inclusion. Music can be generally purchased separately.

Yes, as you own the template you get both the raw AE template plus the customised and produced product. This allows you to have the template customised in the future without having to re-purchase it.