Wedding Photography Made Affordable

A Special Day For some of us, our wedding day was something special and worthy of showcasing to the world. However go back a few decades, the ability for couples to do exactly that was very expensive and required time consuming precision to ensure the right outcome. In our modern world, the opportunities for [...]

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Northern Rivers residents could be caught in a Medicare Hacking Scheme

HACKERS are selling the Medicare card numbers of Australians on the ‘dark web’, which experts say could be used to steal your private health records. HACKERS are selling the Medicare card numbers of Australians on the ‘dark web’, which could be used to steal private health records. The Federal Government has confirmed it’s urgently [...]

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Four easy ways to help avoid being hacked

Your entire life is on your phone. Everyone you know, all your pictures, all your banking details. Everything. It’s an indispensable item, a technological marvel, and something that’s arguably reshaped the world, the smartphone is seldom far from our reach. But with all of the positives that smartphones bring to our lives, it’s worth [...]

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Centrelink website flaw leaves users vulnerable

Phishing attacks made easy as reported by iTnews A security vulnerability in Centrelink’s online system put users at greater risk of having their credentials stolen through phishing attacks. Freelance web application specialist Eric John Hurley discovered the flaw when using the service earlier this month, iTnews can reveal. After logging out of the Centrelink [...]

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Study shows more than one third of Australians have no interest in the NBN

AS MANY Australians eagerly await for their residential area to be switched on to the National Broadband Network (NBN) for a chance at better internet, new research shows a big divide among Aussies when it comes to the project. It’s one of the biggest infrastructure programs in our nation’s history but evidently not everyone [...]

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Apple patent reveals docking gadget to turn iPhone and iPad into a complete computer

Apple has patented a "dumb" Macbook dock that would work with the iPhone or iPad providing the smarts. pic US Patent Office APPLE has a simple plan to turn your iPhone or iPad into a new type of MacBook that is possibly Apple’s smartest, and dumbest, computer ever. A day after news of Samsung’s [...]

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