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All Your Technology Needs On The Northern Rivers

We support locals on limited budgets to assist them achieve their technology goals faster. 

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Bill Roberts is an individually operated small business based on the Northern Rivers of NSW servicing locals of both the local region and also Gold Coast.

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Bill Roberts
computer support
bill roberts
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All Your Technology Needs On The Northern Rivers

We support locals on limited budgets to assist them achieve their technology goals faster. 

bill roberts
tech support

Who is Bill Roberts

Bill Roberts is a seasoned IT professional with over 20+ years experience in the industry with skills in a diverse range of software both productive and creative as well as a variety of other skill sets, most of all he brings this knowledge and his ability to the people of the greater Northern Rivers district and to the people of the Gold Coast.

His Skills

With an extensive array of skills with creative services such as graphic design, photography,  3D character modelling, video editing and animation, with a strong interest in the creative aspect of technology he loves adding that wow factor to your projects in addition he also believes everyone should have access to creative services by making these types of activities affordable for those with small or limited budgets.  

Also with qualification as a technical engineer he can have your computer issues dealt with quickly and efficiently. Call us today to find out more and learn how easy and affordable all our services really are.

Diagnostics & Repair

Don't suffer poor performance call us today...

We Can Fix It!

No matter what your computer issue is we can get you operational again fast. So call us today to discuss your needs. So don’t suffer poor performance when there is an affordable solution.

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Microsoft Support

Need help with Microsoft software? We can help you...

We Fix Broken Windows

Whether it’s your version of Windows or maybe office we can help you learn, fix and install so no matter what Microsoft software you are using we can help you maintain and master it!

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Infection Removal

We can help you with all your security issues...

All Your Security Needs

There are many ways to infect your PC, the worlds top 100 websites are infected, this includes Google and Microsoft so it’s important to stay safe, let us help you be preventive and to supply a cure.

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Educational Support

Master your environment with knowledge

Learn a Skill

We all try to master our environments on our own, however when we are shown how to, a whole new world opens up, so let us open doors for you and show you how much fun it can be learning.

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Smile for the Camera

We can help you with all your photographic needs, whether it’s taking your photo or enhancing an existing one, we can also help you repair old photo’s or add/remove people or objects etc and so much more…

photography services

Lights Camera Action

Affordable video commercials, presentations, promotions, logo stings for a wide range of purposes; Business, Weddings, Kids, Events and much more…

video services

Stand Out from your Competitors

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have a stunning and practical website that is not just suited for a PC but for a phone, also we show you how simple it is to manage your own site.  

bill roberts

It is absolutely paramount to the success of any business these days to have a web presence. Sadly without a website your just missing our on a large customer base. However having a website is only part of the modern business, your website must be smartphone ready and you should also consider video advertising both on your website and social media. We can show you how to put this altogether and give your business the kick start it needs to operate in a modern world.

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Animation & 3D Character Design

Let us show you how easy and affordable it really is to bring your idea’s to life.